Economic Models: Know Them, Appreciate Them, Use Them

October 22, 2016 in Colorado Springs

On a fundamental level, economics is a behavioral science whose goal is to understand how and why individuals, firms or governments make the choices they do. In pursuit of that goal, economists rely on models to analyze real world issues. For instance, the Demand and Supply model has numerous applications. It can be used for simple analysis such as the result of an outbreak of mad cow disease on the market for beef or more complex policy analysis such as taxes, rent controls, or a price ceiling on basic necessities. Though much of this course will look at the various ways that the supply and demand model is employed, we will be able to explore the wide variety of models used by economists. If you teach economics or even if you simply want to incorporate economics into other disciplines you teach, you should have some fluency in a few basic economic models. In this workshop, you can bone up on some of those famous economic models and explore their applicability in practice.

Grades: Secondary
Place:  Pikes Peak Commnity College, Colorado Springs
Time: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
FEE: $40 - On Sale for $20*
Faculty: Mike Lucchesi, USAFA and University of Colorado at Colorado Springs; and mentor teacher Amy Paa-Rogers, Fairview High School
Optional Credit: ½ UCCS ECON 6310 or 6320 Grad. Credit Hr., available. Credit is good for Certificate in Economic Education or Personal Financial Literacy, but not both.
Includes:  Light breakfast and lunch
Questions: Contact the CCEE office at 303-752-2323 |

*REFUND POLICY: Registration cancellations must be requested within 10 business days prior to the class start date; otherwise registration fees will be forfeited.

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