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Registration opens January 12, 2015
Colorado's Competition is
March 23-April 3, 2015

The Colorado Council for Economic Education (CCEE) is hosting its third annual EconChallenge ONLINE in March of 2015. EconChallenge is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their economic literacy by competing with other students across the state in an online examination.

Participating teachers register through the EconChallenge portal and create teams with up to 4 students per team. Teachers choose one of two divisions in which each team will compete.

Once a team is created, the EconChallenge ONLINE! portal creates unique access codes for each student team member.

In March, students enter the portal and complete a test of economic knowledge that covers macro, micro and international topics. Tests are custom-made for each division and each student. Each student has thirty minutes to complete the exam; each team has a window of two hours. (sample questions: click on "Colorado" then click on "Practice")

When the online component of the Challenge is complete, the state administrator (CCEE) will access detailed performance results for every team in the state and use the results to identify state winners. In the case of ties, an additional test will be given to the contending teams.

In order to make this great opportunity available to as many students and teachers as possible, all portal and registration fees will be paid by CCEE, meaning that participation will come at no financial cost to teachers and their student teams.

We hope there is sufficient interest among teachers of economics in the state of Colorado to join in the competition and see how your students stack up. Registration on the site managed by the Nebraska Council will be available on or about January 12, 2015. Contact the CCEE office to receive notification of when registration is officially open.

For the first time, even though the competition is by team, teachers
will receive the scores of individual students on the online test

Questions/Pre-Registration: Contact the CCEE office at 303-752-2323 |




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