SME Stock Star Contest Entry Form

  • Have you made some great investments?

  • Is your portfolio showing profit?

  • Have you learned a lot about investing in the Stock Market?

If so, you may have what it takes to be a Stock Star!

Showcase what you have learned from participating in the Stock Market Experience™ by submitting an entry form for the Stock Star contest.  There are two ways to enter:

Individuals:  Write a brief essay about one of the topics provided.  Submissions due Feb. 17

Elementary school students:  choose one topic and write a 3-5 sentence paragraph on the topic.  

Middle school students:  choose one topics and write a well-developed 5 - 7 sentence paragraph.  

High school students:  choose one  topics and write a well-developed paragraph 7 - 9 sentence paragraph.

Teams of up to 5 students: Video submission.  Submissions due Mar. 10

Produce a  creative  video illustrating one of the topics provided, or  thank our program sponsors in a short piece. Videos should be longer than 60 seconds but no more than 90 seconds.  Provide the  link to your video.

(Your video may be used in SME promotional materials.)

Awards:  Winners are selected in February and March  Early Spring Session

  • Individual Stock Stars will be awarded a $25 gift card
  • Student Stock Star teams will be awarded $50 for a class party
  • Winners will receive a Stock Star Winner certificate, an invitation to the Annual SME Awards Ceremony
  • Late Spring and Year-long sessions are ineligible for prizes

Submission Deadlines:

  • Early Spring:  Individuals' paragraphs due February 17
  • Team videos due March 17, 2017

Once entries are received, the Stock Market Experience Committee will review and select a winner(s).  Notifications will be sent out approximately one to two weeks after the submission deadline.

Please provide the following contact information:
Eligible students must list their teacher and school name and be a participant in the Stock Market Experience competition.



Student Name 1 *
Student Name 1
How will you show us that you are a stock star? *
Student Name 2
Student Name 2
Please add all the names of team members who helped with the video.
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Student Name 3
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Student Name 4
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Student Name 5
Rank your investment and personal financial knowledge BEFORE participating in SME
How likely are you to invest in the future?
How would you respond to this statement? "I have learned a great deal about investments and personal finance by participating in the Stock Market Experience"
How would you respond to this statement? "I feel confident managing my personal finances in the future based on what I learned through the Stock Market Experience".
Rank your investment and your personal financial knowledge AFTER participating in SME.
Option 1 - Essay topics:
Essay submissions are for INDIVIDUALS only.
Option 2 Video
Video submissions may be made by individuals or teams of up to 5 students.
(Upload video to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, etc. then submit link here):
All entries, please answer the following 2 questions: