The Stock Market Experience™ Volunteer Program is an opportunity for community members to contribute to the future of Colorado students, grades 3-12, who are actively participating in the CCEE Stock Market Experience™.

What is the Stock Market Experience™?
The Stock Market Experience is an engaging, state of the art, real life investment simulation that advances student academic achievement in the core academic disciplines. This exciting program empowers students with their own virtual $100,000 investment portfolio. Students work in teams to invest in stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and commodities on US and international exchanges over the course of a semester.

This program reaches more than 30,000 Colorado students each school year – from all corners of the state including Steamboat Springs, Eagle, Dove Creek, Bayfield, Blanca, Trinidad, Springfield, Pueblo, CO Springs, Denver Metro Area, Yuma, Julesburg, Boulder, and everywhere in-between!

Colorado Students Need You and Your Expertise!
CCEE works diligently to be able to provide a state-of-the-art stock market simulation to educate Colorado students about economics and personal finance for FREE. Because we are a local non-profit organization with a limited staff, we seek volunteer professionals to offer their expertise to students in the Stock Market Experience™ program for the most educational experience possible. We also welcome volunteers with other professional backgrounds to serve as SME Program Liaisons to help spread awareness of this wonderful, free program that is available to all Colorado students.

Volunteer Eligibility
To be eligible to participate in the SME Volunteer Program, one must be at least 18 years old a professional within the finance industry that can offer industry insight and advice to students participating in the Stock Market Experience™. There is NO MINIMUM COMMITMENT.

Ways to Volunteer
Choose from numerous volunteer opportunities that benefit CCEE teachers and students, inside or outside of the classroom:

  • Share your expertise as a classroom speaker with Stock Market Experience™ program students (1 hour)
    SME Speaker Volunteers will receive a request(s) to mentor a Colorado classroom as students participate in the CCEE Stock Market Experience™. The volunteer may be asked to give one or more short class presentations on investing strategies, the stock market, different investment types, and more depending upon their availability and interest. Most classrooms request only one visit a semester while others may invite you to visit them more frequently during the semester (once a month, two times a month, etc).

  • Join our ‘Ask An Expert’ email list and answer basic investing questions from teachers and students participating in the Stock Market Experience™ program (10 minutes or less per inquiry)

  • Be a Program Liaison in your community to make schools aware of the FREE Stock Market Experience™ program by mentioning the program in your circles and distributing brochures when appropriate. (Schedule and opportunity permitting)

  • Help Develop ‘Evergreen’ Financial Education Resources for teachers by creating short written pieces on basic investment terms, practices, and more. If you are not camera shy, create short, 30-second informative videos. (30 minutes or more per piece depending upon content)

  • Be a keynote speaker or certificate presenter at the Annual Stock Market Experience™ awards ceremony

Volunteer Program Schedule
The SME Volunteer Program takes place year round but mostly during the school year.

Volunteer Location
Volunteer location is dependent upon the volunteer activity selected. Volunteer opportunities may take place in the classroom of schools which have requested a volunteer presentation, in community forum settings (schools, businesses, etc.), home/workplace or at the office of CCEE. CCEE strives to connect volunteer professionals with schools that are in their respective community.

Participating SME Volunteers will receive the opportunity to receive free Pepsi Center event tickets and Colorado Rockies tickets as a token of appreciation for their time. *Tickets are randomly donated to CCEE and are not guaranteed for every event. Tickets are distributed on a first come, first served basis. Participation is required to be considered.
Volunteers may also be invited to CCEE special events and other recognition opportunities.

To Participate:
Complete the Volunteer Form or contact SME Coordinator, Lisa Vogt at or 303-832-4764.